Best Dedicated Server in Chennai, India

When you don’t want to share your server with anyone you have to hire a dedicated server and you can have complete control on your server including the operating system and hardware.Webhosting Bingo is one of a leading server hosting company in India offers an absolute Windows Dedicated Server product offering ranging from single servers to full go-redundant server clusters throughout the world. You have to be very careful choosing a dedicated server. Your server should meet the demand of security, reliability and the amount of resources benefited choosing dedicated hosting.

This should be because it is wholly used and served by a single organization and is leased and stored in a data centre.

Dedicated server is distinguished in managed and unmanaged server. The unmanaged plans include hardware, operating system, Internet connection and web server. The managed plan includes the rest say for assistance and support. Be very cautious while selecting a dedicated plan, consider the things like operating system, data backup and monitoring service. Acquiring dedicated server hosting from Webhosting Bingo is more safe and reliable. We are rendering considerable services that include the operating system, data backup and monitoring service, hardware options, space, bandwidth and technical support.

Webhosting Bingo understand the mess created with a loss of database and offering you also, with our data backup services, you can protect your company from losing critical server information in case of server crash or data corruption.  We can in simple explain to why to choose us.

  • Support: 24x7x365 online support
  • Technical Assistance: A experienced technical team to assist you at times of technical issues
  • Simplicity: Provides you the D11cPanel, Plesk and Direct Admin to help you manage your domain names and your database easily
  • Configurations: Can choose software and hardware best suited to your needs
  • Setup: Our dedicated servers are set up free of charge on the day of your purchase
  • Our server assures of the best speed performance, better connectivity and excellent service


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