All you need to know about Best VPS Server Hosting

vps-server-hostingA VPS is a virtual server, which is available with its own copy of operating system and some allocated server resources, which are assigned from the main server. In VPS hosting involve hosting different websites on a virtual private server on a powerful hardware. Powerful physical computer server hardware is divided into several virtual compartments that run different server software making each unit capable of functioning independently.

How to choose the Best VPS Server Hosting:

While choosing the best hotting server for your VPS, there are a number of factors that you may have to put into consideration. Some of these factors may include:

i. Operating system:

To begin with, you need to choose the best VPS environment would to run your applications. Windows and Linux are the two VPS environments that are available. Linux have different capabilities as compare to window and depending on the applications that you would want to run, you will need to choose the appropriate operating system.

ii. Managed v/s Unmanaged:

In shared hosting, you don’t have access to root. However, VPS are available in terms of managed and unmanaged. If the performance of your server is fully managed by the VPS provider, the server is called managed VPS. However, if you need to take a full responsibility of your server all by yourself, it is called unmanaged VPS. Unmanaged hosting requires that you monitor the server and ensure that is optimized. In case the server crash or faces some security issues, you are the one to fix it. Generally, unmanaged server requires more skills that managed server.

iii. Redundancy and Scalability:

Redundancy is very critical when it comes to ensuring reliability. It basically refers to whether the data centre has backup. In case, the main data centre fails, would there be an alternative way of accessing the server. The Best VPs Server Hosting should include a standby replicated server, so that in case the main server fails, the backup server automatically pick-up.

iv. Pricing:

Prices will also play a critical part in choosing the right VPS and the hosting provider.

As is the case with any purchase, price will play a part in your decision as to whether you move to VPS – and with which hosting provider. The cost is determined by different pricing factors such as customization options, service level, hardware specifications, among other factors.

v. Cloud-based v/s Conventional VPS Hosting:

Conventional VPS involve slicing of the mother server into a number of smaller servers that are rented to the VPS hosting accounts. The main limitation of these types of VPS includes the number of storage disks that can be added to main server and so on. Cloud-base SPS, on the other hand, are hosted on multiple clustered servers. Although, a cloud-based VPS draws resources from a single machine, the machine is actually a combination of multiple servers. Cloud-base sever virtually has no limit and is the best VPS server hosting.

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