17 Sep 2019

Managed Dedicated Server in India at lowest price

Benefits of Managed Dedicated Server
Managed dedicated server is in demand these days especially among online marketers. Providers of hosting service offers provide complete range of packages to meet individuals’ web hosting needs. Each of this service has its own set of benefits. The benefits of managed dedicated server are as follows:

• Security
Leading data centers will surely invest on time and capital to undergo discreet audit to ensure the security of logical network, physical security and more. Managed hosting offers timely and efficient software updates to make sure that you are fully protected from newly developed malware and viruses. Offsite backup is also another vital service that can save your business in case of disaster by keeping essential data and applications available and safe.

• Expert Support
A team of responsive, certified and experienced staff can offer round the clock physical data center and server monitoring to get rid of any harmful and potential issue. Though companies might not be fully prepared to invest on in-house IT team, managed dedicated servers usually come with high level and reliable professional support saving you money and time that can be better spent to other important priorities.

• Reliability
If IT is not really your industry, it might be a substantial burden as you attempt to manage your own server. Worrying about uptime can surely slow down the growth of your business and can turn out to be a serious distraction. Managed dedicated server hosts can render top quality data center exclusive infrastructure to make sure that servers are effectively up and running.

• Scalability
Dealing with particular outages when businesses are outgrowing service or product demands can be challenging. Managed dedicated servers host usually have added space available which supports expansion needs. With expert support coming from experienced and professional staff, you can certainly deploy newest servers with complete support.
If you have the desire to experience all these amazing benefits, you need to stick with the most reliable and reputable web hosting company that can ensure the following:
 Highest availability
 Appropriate and reliable security measurements
 Regular OS updates
 Regular maintenance
 24/7/365 technical support
In such case, Webhosting Bingo is the best choice if you are looking for the leading web hosting service provider in India. When you sign up for their service, you can enjoy ultimate peace of mind regarding your actual business without the need to worry about the performance of your server.

Web hosting Bingo helps clients get the most of their dedicated server hosting. The company offers complete range of web solutions and many different bundled packages and add-ons to meet clients’ diverse needs. The company’s round the clock support as well as management options means that you no longer have to deal with stressful server or website issues all by yourself. With the help of this best web hosting company in India, you can be confident that your online business is in safe and good hands.
If you want top quality web hosting at competitive rates, visit http://webhostingbingo.com/ and discover the amazing services this company provides.

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17 Sep 2019

Webhosting Bingo-One of the Most Popular and Reliable Web Hosting Service Providers in the World

Finding the best web hosting firm can be challenging but with some knowledge about web hosting and its concepts and learning more about its features, it will help individuals and businesses choose and hire the best web hosting service available.
The Best Provider of Web Hosting Services in India Unveiled!

Webhosting Bingo is an exclusive complete web hosting solution company located in India, particularly in Chennai. The company offers unrivalled customer’s satisfaction and has been consistently offering the most reliable and efficient web hosting services in India at highly competitive rates.

The company gives more emphasis on delivering better web hosting services to ensure that clients are accompanied every step of the way starting from recommending the right domain name up to hosting your website online. With the reasonably priced hosting plans that you can get from Webhosting Bingo, you are sure to grow your business in a highly effective yet affordable way.
It is somewhat hard to find the perfect web hosting company considering that the market is now bombarded with lots of web hosting and web design companies providing similar services. Webhosting Bingo is the leading web hosting company in India highly capable of building your business with the exclusive reseller hosting packages that they offer. The company’s dedicated server is ideal for multiple sites hosting on a single server.

Aside from high speed web hosting, the company also offers low cost hosting, domain reseller, domain registration, VPS Server and dedicated servers in accordance with the client’s business and website requirements. Webhosting Bingo is also best recognized for rendering enterprise-level solutions at prices that individuals can easily afford.

The company provides solutions that can never be beaten by the competitors and have successfully established themselves as a leader in hosting industry in India. Webhosting Bingo’s main strength actually lies in their amazing customer support. The company always strives hard to provide clients more than what they expect from the company. Webhosting Bingo is synonymous to reliability in the web hosting industry and they achieved this great level with hard work and dedication of their staff and network of loyal customers showing full support and faith on their business.

Individuals looking for complete range of web hosting services can perfectly choose Webhosting Bingo. The company also provides custom reseller hosting packages to meet clients’ unique needs for reseller hosting. There are specific packages made available for you that are highly suitable for your flash websites, dynamic and ecommerce sites and more.
Why Choose Web hosting Bingo

There are many good reasons to choose this company for your web hosting needs. These reasons are highlighted below:
• Highly secured and reliable data center in US and India
• Experienced, supportive and efficient team
• Professional technical team answering queries round the clock
• Reliable web hosting services for medium and small businesses
• Affordable web hosting services perfect for those who are just beginning to launch their site
If you want to succeed online, grow your business with Webhosting Bingo. Choose their most suitable hosting plans and reseller hosting packages to ensure your success.

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17 Sep 2019

Things You Need to Know about Reseller Hosting Services

For those people who are looking to make money fast, the World Wide Web is the best platform that offers tremendous opportunities to all eligible participants. Did you ever imagine that the Web could make you rich? Well, yes it can.

But you have to be fair because indulging in cyber crime for making easy and fast money will lead you nowhere but legal penalties and punishments. However, if you really want to get into an online business, best reseller hosting services could be the answer. By renting web space from web hosting companies, you can sell it to others.

Reseller hosting is a kind of web hosting platform wherein the registered user has the ability to use allotted bandwidth and hard drive space to host websites on behalf of third parties. What the reseller does is that he will purchase the service of the host, generally at a wholesale price, and then sell them to customers for a small profit. Resellers also provide portions of the bandwidth and memory to the customers. The many possible companies might be a web developer, systems integrator or a web design firm who offers web hosting as an add-on service. It is an easy and inexpensive way for enterprising individuals to start a small company and start their business.

They also have the freedom to create their services plans, price plans and can even offer software products of their own. Tips to keep in mind before getting started: – Reliability – A website cannot be up 100% of the time, so there are some maintenance tasks to be performed. This is the time when site must be taken offline but if it happens frequently and stretches for a long period of time then you are in trouble. Check out carefully the assured uptime and between 95% and 99% is good. Do not get lured by service providers who promise 100% uptime, as it is not possible. So, start with a reliable web hosting company and stay safe. Customer Support – Inquire about the support staff and their availability when you buy web space from any service provider. Your customers will have to depend on their customer support for any sort of technical problem faced by them.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to check whether the customer service is up to the mark or not as your reputation depends on it. Future Plans – It is crucial to inquire about the future expansion plans of the service provider so that you can create plans accordingly. Ask whether they can expand storage space in future if required by your customers. Put as much queries as possible and there is nothing bad in it and you will understand it even better. For best results, do as much research as possible about best reseller hosting services and make profits.

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17 Sep 2019

Benefits of Choosing a VPS Server in India

Choosing a VPS server India may be a better choice than other hosting methods for some webmasters. This is a system that allocates a set amount of resources from a server for a website but treats it as a virtual machine, so it appears to be a dedicated server. This gives the users the benefit of having their own unique and configurable server without the expense of using a dedicated server. This is also a better utilization of resources for the host and improves their efficiency.

The Value of a Host

Having access to the Internet for hosting websites, developing databases, and setting up a company intranet, are all easier with a VPS. There are more options for installing operating systems as long as the right software is used that takes the virtual environment into account. All the resources that are needed to code, images, and the data for the site are stored on the hard drive.

Hosting Solutions

Choosing a virtual server is an excellent choice for sites that need more functionality and more plug-ins to serve the traffic better. Basic websites that do not need much in the way of complex interaction would do well to stick with basic shared web server hosting. This is an alternative form of hosting that gives several companies a partition on a server to host their site. There is little access or ability to configure the server as any changes would affect every site on the server.

Value to the Host

One of the major benefits of VPS server India providing for a host is the ability to manage requests for data.

Instead of having periods of high activity and long periods of inactivity, the virtualization software will operate the system, so the event is spread out. Requests to access data on a hard drive can be put into a queue for efficiency, but will hardly be noticed in the virtual environment. The managing software is the hypervisor and acts as the supervisor for the scheduling of tasks.

The Future of Hosting

As more people find they have better access to the Internet and the ability to stay connected in more ways, a website is a crucial business tool. There are a variety of server hosting options and each has its benefits and limitations. The virtual server option may offer the best combination of features and price for those who are prepared to handle the technical aspects. This is an essential way to build business and take advantage of new markets.

Value to the Host

One of the major benefits of the VPS server India hosting for a host is the ability to manage requests for data. Instead of having periods of high activity and long periods of inactivity, the virtualization software will operate the system, so the event is spread out. Requests to access data on a hard drive can be put into a queue for efficiency, but will hardly be noticed in the virtual environment.

The managing software is the hypervisor and acts as the supervisor for the scheduling of tasks.

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