17 Sep

Managed Dedicated Server in India at lowest price

Benefits of Managed Dedicated Server
Managed dedicated server is in demand these days especially among online marketers. Providers of hosting service offers provide complete range of packages to meet individuals’ web hosting needs. Each of this service has its own set of benefits. The benefits of managed dedicated server are as follows:

• Security
Leading data centers will surely invest on time and capital to undergo discreet audit to ensure the security of logical network, physical security and more. Managed hosting offers timely and efficient software updates to make sure that you are fully protected from newly developed malware and viruses. Offsite backup is also another vital service that can save your business in case of disaster by keeping essential data and applications available and safe.

• Expert Support
A team of responsive, certified and experienced staff can offer round the clock physical data center and server monitoring to get rid of any harmful and potential issue. Though companies might not be fully prepared to invest on in-house IT team, managed dedicated servers usually come with high level and reliable professional support saving you money and time that can be better spent to other important priorities.

• Reliability
If IT is not really your industry, it might be a substantial burden as you attempt to manage your own server. Worrying about uptime can surely slow down the growth of your business and can turn out to be a serious distraction. Managed dedicated server hosts can render top quality data center exclusive infrastructure to make sure that servers are effectively up and running.

• Scalability
Dealing with particular outages when businesses are outgrowing service or product demands can be challenging. Managed dedicated servers host usually have added space available which supports expansion needs. With expert support coming from experienced and professional staff, you can certainly deploy newest servers with complete support.
If you have the desire to experience all these amazing benefits, you need to stick with the most reliable and reputable web hosting company that can ensure the following:
 Highest availability
 Appropriate and reliable security measurements
 Regular OS updates
 Regular maintenance
 24/7/365 technical support
In such case, Webhosting Bingo is the best choice if you are looking for the leading web hosting service provider in India. When you sign up for their service, you can enjoy ultimate peace of mind regarding your actual business without the need to worry about the performance of your server.

Web hosting Bingo helps clients get the most of their dedicated server hosting. The company offers complete range of web solutions and many different bundled packages and add-ons to meet clients’ diverse needs. The company’s round the clock support as well as management options means that you no longer have to deal with stressful server or website issues all by yourself. With the help of this best web hosting company in India, you can be confident that your online business is in safe and good hands.
If you want top quality web hosting at competitive rates, visit http://webhostingbingo.com/ and discover the amazing services this company provides.

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