A dedicated server allows one server to lease and access it is called a dedicated server. When anyone wants to occupy the complete space without sharing with any one it is preferred to have only dedicated server. Our Dedicated Server Hosting offers the best speed performance, more connectivity up to 200 Mbps, and ensures an excellent quality of service and increased availability. To buy a dedicated server was not a easy job, we know this and our ultimate aim is to be at full service of our customers. Buy dedicated managed server without worrying about its features as we know our job and fulfill our commitments. See the change in your business after buying the dedicated server.

A dedicated server is just a server you buy from our data centers to keep your data’s secured, safe and fully functional . When you do not want to share your server with any one you purchase a dedicated server. It is dedicated to one client and is not shared with anyone. It also allows their client to choose their own operating system popularly called as OS. We at web hosting bingo allows our client to some add on services for administrative purposes, gives them full online support 24×7.when you are in need of some extra applications, from the basic hosting powers, high performance you get the dedicated server. In India web hosting bingo is best cheap dedicated hosting company.
Our dedicated servers are perfect for custom configurations. You choose the hardware and software best suited to your needs and our servers can handle the installation of visualization technologies. We do provide a quick and fast technical assistance for your technical issue so that you can concentrate on your business without wasting much time. Firewall is first and most essential element to secure your hosting and the credit goes to went hosting bingo’s firewall that gives you the maximum security on your server. We are the best cheap dedicated server provider which matches to all types of your applications. The main question arises why anyone needs a dedicated server and its simple that it meets all your hosting needs, if your budget is tight or if you want it invest in a high end solutions. You can have low cost dedicated server such as Atom Series and Enjoy up to 2×500 Go of HDD.

Our server assures of the best speed performance, better connectivity and excellent service. Our cheap dedicated server provides you the cPanel, Plesk and Direct Admin to help you manage your domain names and your database easily. You may ask why dedicated are necessary, for this we can explain that it is very important for a business having online business with high traffic on their websites. Having this server will allow a company to host more than one website giving you the ability to manage a network of interlinking sites to boost your online business. Web hosting bingo assures you the 100% guarantee that your server will be always online. We know how importance your data are and respect you right to privacy and assure you to provide you the full control over your server. We understand the mess created with a loss of database and offering you also, with our data backup services, you can protect your company from losing critical server information in case of server crash or data corruption.

  • Support: 24x7x365 online support
  • Technical Assistance: A experienced technical team to assist you at times of technical issues
  • Simplicity: Provides you the D11cPanel, Plesk and Direct Admin to help you manage your domain names and your database easily
  • Configurations: Can choose softwares and hardware best suited to your needs
  • Setup: Our dedicated servers are set up free of charge on the day of your purchase

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