Powerful combination of VPS and best cloud server technology offering security, scalability and reliability to amplify your performance and reduce overheads.

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What's amazing about Cloud Server


Our cloud VPS server India solutions offer end-to-end support for your projects. You can scale up your resources when you need them without the need to provision them in advance. This is our total transparency advantage for you.


Our top cloud server solutions are powered by next-generation architecture and SSD storage for maximum performance. Our cloud server India teams configure and assemble the solutions to provide MaxIOPS offering up to 200,000 IOPS making it highly resilient


With dedicated and direct access to your VPS, you can get the most out of the hardware resources allocated to you. You get the freedom of managing and configuring your hosting space according to your needs and requirements. This helps you to concentrate on your core business without any hardware constraints.



You are provided with full root or administrative access to your server, so you can configure and choose components with Windows and Linux OS.


A VPS or a Virtual Private Server works just like a physical server, but it is actually a virtual instance made within a server. This server is created with the help of software virtualization, and cloud VPS server hosting can take place across several servers. Several individual dedicated slots are made available on a single virtual machine. At Webhosting Bingo, we have the necessary cloud VPS servers and hosting to offer to all companies.

Top Benefits of Using VPS

All your web projects can now be managed within a dedicated server environment. We have VPS solutions which can be added exactly as per available budget, and can be accordingly scaled up. Here is a look at our discounted monthly rates for cloud VPS server hosting:

Unlimited traffic* is available for your VPS server, which means applications with high bandwidth can also be hosted. The best part here is that customers will be able to enjoy an optimal browsing experience at the costs mentioned above.

Data Backup

In any scenario today, it is very important to have an efficient way of storing and securing data. Take a regular Backup of your Important Data. Our solutions will ensure that you are able to minimize overhead expenses.

Easy Setup

Our robust cloud platform will allow you to easily set up your own VPS. This will ensure that the products and services in your business are up and running in no time. The process is simple enough and will not require technical aid from our side, although we will be just a click or call away.

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